see also Box with Worms (Item).
Worms framed

Purchase Price:?? EmeraldCurrency
Sell Price:100 CoinCurrency
Gift Value:
Production Time:


Item is Obtained from:

Materials Created with Item:

Buildings Constructed with Item:

  • None at this time

Quests that Use Item:

  • Quest Example 1
  • Quest Example 2
  • Quest Example 3

Quests that Reward Item:


  • Be mindful to keep enough grass patches to find worms, so that you do not run out.
  • The Fountain for Coins and Fountain for Emeralds can create new grass patches, allowing for a perpetual source of Fresh Grass and Worms.
  • Buy pear trees. Worms are often found when you harvest them.
  • If you find all the strange ore in Khanbulat / Khan's Tabernacle you get 1000 worms as a reward. The gift can be found in storage on completion under other.

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