Village History. Part 5
Village History. Part 5 quest
Ukhty Quest 1-19
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Ukhty
2 Cheesecake 35 energy Cheesecake 35 energy
5 Chains Chains
2,000 Experience Experience
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The wind was so strong that it made one of the walls of the house crash down. I grasped the chronicle and the lamp, hid under the bed, and kept reading.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Wind set Collect and exchange a Wind Set. Don't waste your chance; the wind is blowing so strong! 3 5 EmeraldCurrency
Bricks Put some bricks to the sled. The wall has crashed down but the bricks can still serve well. 10 5 EmeraldCurrency
Shaman set Collect and exchange a Shaman Set. 1 5 EmeraldCurrency


Some pages were torn. "August 7, 1902. The well was built with a lot of help from members of the expedition. The well water is clean and fresh. After filling their canteens and thank us for the hospitality, the expedition left the village. I'm still worried about the way Leontius looked at me and smiled as he left."


  • The quest items do not need to be constructed nor does the player need to change locations. Simply add the items to the sled at home station, and then remove them multiple times to complete the quest.
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