Tigroid Nugget
Tigroid nugget icon
Tigroid Nugget Quest 1-10
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Blue Peaks Valley
5 Emerald Emerald
20 Blueberry Blueberry
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[[Epilogue|Epilogue [[This is the last quest
in this series.|This is the last quest
in this serie]]


Start searching for white nuggets. The one who will find the very Tigroid Nugget from the legend will be rewarded with great luck.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Tigroid nugget obj 1 Send free gifts to your friends so that they would allow you to search for the Tigroid nugget in their territory. 10 5 EmeraldCurrency
White gold nugget Look for white gold nuggets in your friends' Gold Veins; one will turn out to be the Tigroid nugget. 10 25 EmeraldCurrency


The legend of the Tigroid Nugget quickly spread to the nearby settlements. Everybody became obsessed with finding the nugget of pure white gold.


  • 10 Daily Free Gifts need to be sent to friends to complete this objective.
  • White gold nuggets may be found in friends' Gold Veins. An alternative method to obtaining these nuggets is to raise 10 Pigs and open their golden statues when they expire. (Note: Other golden animals also drop white gold nuggets.) They can also be found in expedition items such as gold clods.
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