The Outlook
The outlook quest
Woodside Quest 1-12
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Woodside
50 Pears Pears
1,000 Experience Experience
50 Cherries Cherries
Previous Next
Supplies Crackling


It was the sixth day of my stay on the Watchtower. I was running out of supplies. I'd already seen wolves, wild boars, deer and other forest creatures but I'm not interested in them.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
The outlook obj 1 Cut a fly agaric at one blow so that it won't stand on your way. 1 1 EmeraldCurrency
The outlook obj 2 Take a walk around the forest and cut down some bushes out of mischief. 3 3 EmeraldCurrency
The outlook obj3 Cut down some large fir-frees out of pique. 2 5 EmeraldCurrency


There was no food left, but carrots. I looked at this boring vegetable, grabbed it savagely and threw it from the tower. The other carrots followed it. Exhausted, I fell down on the wooden floor and fell asleep.


  • Large fir tree: dry fir tree and rare fir tree of 45 confirmed to work.
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