The Log Book
The Log Book quest
Arcane Quest 1-4
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Arcane
1 Sun idol 45 energy 40px
3 Emerald Emerald
20,000 Experience Experience
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The Red Dragon This is the last quest in this series.


In the cockpit I found an old logbook signed by my father. There were notes on the volcano study. I learned from them that the expedition had run out of fuel and they couldn't use the plane anymore.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Snip1 Send free gifts to your friends with a message about the father's logbook. 200 N/A
Snip2 Feed the dogs. 50 9 EmeraldCurrency
Snip3 Go to Indim. 1 N/A


Now I know that I am very close to my objective. My father's expedition is somewhere nearby. When I came back to Indim, I told the savages the red dragon ordered them to guard his nest. Now these Inuit won't be able to carry out raids on the valley.


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