The Evening
The evening SQ1-4 quest
Scalp Quest 1-12
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Scalp
45 Energy Energy
150 Fish Fish
2 Bed Bed
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Day Night


Tomram told us that land was deserted and there was no opportunity to build anything there.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Gazebo Bring a gazebo to Scalp and unload it there. Must be brown not white 15 10 EmeraldCurrency
Vase with flowers Bring some vases with flowers to Scalp and unload it there. Must be red 15 10 EmeraldCurrency
Gazebo Sell the decorations that have been gifted to Tomram in Scalp from your home station. 30 10 EmeraldCurrency


By the evening we have managed to bring everything Tomram asked for to Scalp.


  • In order to "remove the decorations that have been gifted", they simply need to be sold - sell all of the decorations that were just purchased.
  • The Quest can be completed at home Station. You only need to load and unload one gazebo and one red flower vase repeatedly to fulfill the first two requirements. The third requirement can be filled by selling 30 red flower vases, which saves a lot of money.
  • Only the regular gazebo counts, not the white gazebo.
  • Only the vases with red flowers count, not any of the other colors.
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