I woke up to the jingle of the windbells a hanging over my hammock. The constant gusts of the warm wind in this area do not bother me anymore; but the jingle of the bells is so different from what it used to be.


Objective image Objective Skip Cost
The Bells obj 1 Collect and exchange a Wind Set. 3 EmeraldCurrency
The Bells obj 2 Get wind as a gift from friends. 50 EmeraldCurrency
The Bells obj 3 While I'm waiting for the wind, I need to exchange rails for my future plans in the location Wind's Song 10 EmeraldCurrency



The Bells
The Bells quest
Wind's Song Quest 1-1
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Wind's Song
Rewards: 300 Experience Experience
1 Iron wheel Iron wheel
5 Ancient coin Ancient coin
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This is the first quest in this series. Echo
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