Sweet set

Sweet Set

1 sparkles

5 Sparkles


10 Stone

Sweet chocolate


Sweet candyfloss


Sweet ice cream

Ice Cream

Sweet raspberry jam

Raspberry Jam

Sweet maple syrup

Maple Syrup

Everybody likes sweets, and Inuit just adore them. The locals will be glad to exchange sparkles and coal for something sweet!

  • Can be found in gifts from the administration.

Locations found:

Player Station:

  • Can be found as a return gift from purchasing Sparkles for a neighbor during the Rainbow Knock-Knock Event.
  • Received among the rewards for converting a gingerbread house.

Expedition Treasure Caches: No known locations

Neighbor Buildings: No known locations

Neighbor Decorations: No known locations

Landscaping: No known locations

Quests involved in:

None at this time

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