Rocks are a type of resource in Klondike that can be harvested for Stones.

Types of Rocks

Rock-Ancient stone Rock-Extended stone Rock-Handful of gray stones Rock-Handful of pebbles
Ancient Stone
20 Stones
Extended Stone
35 Stones
Handful of Gray Stones
5 Stones
Handful of Pebbles
4 Stones
Rock-Handful of large pebbles Rock-Massive boulders Rock-Pile of boulders Rock-Pile of gray stones
Handful of Large Pebbles
6 Stones
Massive Boulders
75 Stones
Pile of Boulders
95 Stones
Pile of Gray Stones
9 Stones
Rock-Pile of stones Rock-Pyrite deposit Rock-Pyrite Rock-Red boulder
Pile of Stones
120 Stones
Pyrite Deposit
20 Stones
30 Stones
Red Boulder
35 Stones
Rock-Red stones Rock-Sharp stones Rock-Smooth stone
Red Stones
25 Stones
Sharp Stones
50 Stones
Smooth Stone
23 Stones
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