4 September 2014 announces the arrival of a new Knock-type building to Klondike - the Rainbow.

  • Get a Rainbow at the Market, place it on the ground and wait till your friends leave some sparkles in it so that you could upgrade the building. Later, you will get to transform your Rainbow into a heap of gifts. The more you upgrade the Rainbow, the better gifts you will get.

Initially, your Rainbow will look like a simple frame with a star, but as you upgrade it, it will keep improving and getting more and more beautiful.

  • The Rainbow has 8 upgrade stages, for which you will need: 1) 5 sparkles, 2) 10 sparkles, 3) 25 sparkles, 4) 50 sparkles, 5) 100 sparkles, 6) 150 sparkles, 7) 250 sparkles, 8) 77 sparkles.

Here are some details about the Rainbow:

  • In order to accept your sparkles, go to your Rainbow and click the green tick mark under your friend’s gift.
  • In order to gift sparkles to your friends you need to visit their Rainbows.
  • In order to send sparkles to those who have sent them to you, go to your Rainbow and click the Gift Back button. If you want to send a free sparkle, click the Visit button to the right from the Gift Back one.
  • Remember: you can only send 100 free sparkles a day, each one to a different person.

If a free sparkle is not accepted during 12 hours from sending, it disappears.

  • Once your friends start to accept your sparkles, there will appear a blue postbox icon in the right part of your game screen. Inside the box, you will find the return gifts sent to you when your friends accept your sparkles.

Note: the bigger pack of sparkles you gift, the better return gift you get.

  • Don’t forget that Rainbow season will end in 2 weeks’ time. After that, the gifting of sparkles will be over and the Rainbow will disappear from the market.

Building Interface Actions:

Player's Building: This building follows the standard Knock Building Interface menu style.

Neighbor's Building:

Materials Used:

Item Cost Limit
1 sparkles1 Sparkles Free 100 each day
3 sparkles3 Sparkles 3 EmeraldCurrency Unlimited
10 sparkles10 Sparkles 5 EmeraldCurrency Unlimited
25 sparkles25 Sparkles 9 EmeraldCurrency Unlimited

Construction Requirements:

Rainbow will gain additional decorations and grow in size depending on number of Sparkles used to build it with.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 Phase 7 Phase 8 Completed
Rainbow phase1 Rainbow phase2 Rainbow phase3 Rainbow phase4 Rainbow phase5 Rainbow phase6 Rainbow phase7 Rainbow Rainbow complete
0-5 1 sparkles 6-15 1 sparkles 16-40 1 sparkles 41-90 1 sparkles 91-190 1 sparkles 191-340 1 sparkles 341-590 1 sparkles 591-666 1 sparkles 667 1 sparkles

Transformed Results:

Rainbow transformed


  • If a player gifts the 25 Sparkles bundle for 9 emeralds to another player, they have a chance to be rewarded with a gift containing 2 of the Sweet Set, some XP, and a few 150 Hay bundles.
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