Peafowl egg framed

Purchase Price: ?? EmeraldCurrency
Sell Price: not sellable
Gift Value:
Weight: 5SledIcon
Production Time:


Item is Obtained from:

  • produced by Peafowl and collected from Peafowl nests
  • exchanged for Collections: 1 from Indigo Set

Materials Created with Item:

Buildings Constructed with Item:

  • None at this time

Quests that Use Item:

  • Quest Example 1
  • Quest Example 2
  • Quest Example 3

Quests that Reward Item:


  • The Expedition Clearing bonus for Aery allows for the player to create Wild Peafowls for 10 Peafowls Eggs and 75 Fire. The Wild Peafowls cost 5 worms for stage 1 and 10 for stage 2. Wild Peafowls only lay 15 nests before turning Gold.

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