•  Leadlight Mill is a building that you need to upgrade the best you can. 
  • The higher stage of upgrade you reach, the better heap of gifts you will get once you transform the Mill.
  •  In order to upgrade the Mill you need Leadlights that can be brought from Kaleidoscope or left by your friends who visit your Mill. 
  • Invite your friends to visit your Mill and leave gifts in it for you. Don’t forget to visit their Mills in return.
  • The Mill has 7 upgrade stages that require 15, 30, 60, 100, 150, 250, and 300 leadlights.
  • When your neighbors visit your Mill, they can either leave 1 Leadlight for you for free, or give you more leadlights for emeralds.
  • You can send 100 free leadlights a day, each one to a different friend.
  • Once your neighbor accepts your leadlights, you will automatically receive a return gift.
  • You will get XP points for the free leadlight and valuable resources like worms and Leadlight Sets if you give your friends leadlights for emeralds.
  • Free leadlights can only be accepted within 12 hours from the time they were gifted. Other leadlights can be accepted whenever.
  • Place mills nearest the tunnel entrance at home station - this lets visitors find it quickly.
  • Temporarily rename the player character to add the word "Mill" - many players filter neighbors by keywords to prioritize visiting.
  • After July 30 you will be able to transform your Leadlights into heaps of awesome gifts.
  • Hurry up: It will only be possible to send one another leadlights in the Mills till July 30. After that, gifting in the Mills will be over and Leadlight Mills will disappear from the Market.
  • Don’t forget to travel to Kaleidoscope . Cut the trees there to bring home hundreds of leadlights. (A player can finish 3 mills solo if they clear this area!)

Building Interface Actions:

Player's Building: This building follows the standard Knock Building Interface menu style.

Neighbor's Building:

Materials Used:

Item Cost Limit
1 Leadlights1 Leadlight Free 100 each day
10 leadlights10 Leadlights 3 EmeraldCurrency Unlimited
60 leadlights60 Leadlights 15 EmeraldCurrency Unlimited
120 leadlights120 Leadlights 25 EmeraldCurrency Unlimited

Construction Requirements:

Leadlight Mill will gain additional decorations and grow in size depending on number of Leadlights used to build it with.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 Phase 7 Completed
Leadlight mill phase1 Leadlight mill phase2 Leadlight mill phase3 Leadlight mill phase4 Leadlight mill phase5 Leadlight mill phase6 Leadlight mill phase7 Leadlight mill
0-14 1 Leadlights 15-29 1 Leadlights 30-59 1 Leadlights 60-99 1 Leadlights 100-149 1 Leadlights 150-249 1 Leadlights 250-299 1 Leadlights 300 1 Leadlights
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