Kaleidoscope: a new land on the map of Klondike


  • Kaleidoscope is a temporary location that closes 14 days after you first travel there;
  • The only piece of equipment needed to reach Kaleidoscope is a Kerosene Lamp;
  •  Your mission on this station is to cut 15 Leadlight trees. Note: this mission only counts the big Leadlight trees that you cut. The medium and small leadlight trees are not counted towards the goal.
  • Cut the trees in Kaleidoscope and bring the treasures home. 
  • Inside these treasures you will find Leadlights for the construction of the Leadlight Mill , as well as the elements of the new Leadlight Set.



Unique Features

Leadlight tree

Leadlight Trees - Chopping down these trees will earn the player the following valuable resources:

Item Weight Leadlights Experience Bonus Items
Black leadlight

Black Leadlight

Sled45 1 Leadlights

25 Leadlights


300 Experience

Leadlight set

10 pieces from Leadlight Set

Red leadlight

Red Leadlight

Sled30 1 Leadlights

10 Leadlights


200 Experience

Leadlight set

3 pieces from Leadlight Set

Blue leadlight

Blue Leadlight

Sled12 1 Leadlights

6 Leadlights


100 Experience

Ancient coinAncient signDragonDaemonClockHandIdolMask

Any type of Ancient Item, Gold Item, or Statue

Yellow leadlight

Yellow Leadlight

Sled3 1 Leadlights

1 Leadlight


50 Experience


3 Worms

Tips for completion

Kaliedoscope in the small sled:

Many people have said that they cannot do it as a low level player with the Small Sled. This is not true! Completing this area is possible. The player will need energy items and to feed the dogs before going on expedition.

Anyone with the small sled, can get to Kaleidoscope and have quite a good time.. the biggest problem is overloading the sled... Just half load the sled with food (good reason for this), take energy food of 5 or lower, you don't need the big stuff yet.

  • Make sure your dogs are fully fed, that is 20/20
  • Click the map, click Wind's Song
  • Then click the little icon on the bottom right hand corner.. by pass
  • Continue and click Kaleidoscope
  • Go

Now: the biggest problem is overloading your sled, you MUST combo chop everything!! (if you don't things will fly into your sled and overload it) you want thing to land on the ground.

  • Carefully combo chop your way ahead.. some will fly into the sled anyway.. check your sled every time you finish a chop, 
  • Return home as soon as your sled is full, don't pick anything up off the ground.
  • Return home by clicking Wind's Song, then bypass...

Have fun! It is very possible to complete this area and players will be surprised how easily this can be done - but be very careful of that overload, never pick up stuff for the sled, enough loose items will fly into it to fill it.  In order to pick up the bundle items, the player will have to go back empty to load them once everything has been chopped down. 

Kaleidoscope sm sled

First trip to Kaleidoscope on Small Sled.

Equipment Requirements

Associated Quests

Travel Information

Home Station to Kaleidoscope : 108 km

Wind's Song to Kaleidoscope: 48 km


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