Indim quest
Indim Quest 1-1
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Indim
3 Honey 10 energy Honey 10 energy
35,000 Coins Coins
2,000 Experience Experience
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This is the first quest in this series. On a Halt


According to the map, I was nearing Indim. These lands fascinated me with their beauty. The snow almost melted away, ancient ferns grew here and there, and the ground was bursting with geysers.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px cut out a few bushes to make your way through the thickets. 10 3 EmeraldCurrency
70px The journey takes a lot of forces. Eat some energy snacks. 5 3 EmeraldCurrency
70px Find a huge tooth and load it to the sled. 5 5 EmeraldCurrency


Carried away by the sight of a geyser, Echo didn't notice a stone under his feet, hit his knee against it, and fell on the ground, screaming. We ran up to him and saw that it was not a stone, but a large tooth. We put the finding into the backpack and started searching for a place to halt.


  • The bushes ONLY count if you cut them at Indim. The short bushes (15 hits) count just like the larger ones (19-25 hits).
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