Welcome to Blue Peaks Valley! This is the home station where all of the magic starts!




  • Player
  • Charlie

Unique Features

This site has 4 different terrain areas, each obtainable under specific circumstances

  • Main Station - This area is open from the beginning of the game.
  • East Bank - This area is unlocked at level 15. The player will have the questline Road to the East enabled.
  • Golden Plateau - To make their way there, the player will need to clear the rockfall on the upward slope. It becomes available at level 30.
  • Mountain Top - To unlock this snow covered area, it needs to be purchased for 70 EmeraldCurrency

Equipment Requirements

Station Warehouse

Factories / Production buildings

There are many different buildings that will produce materials. These are all available under the Market tab.

Associated Quests

Travel Information


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    • Well, it help ME decide.  Bakery (or bakeries) first, and then MAYBE later down the road, the Mountain Top.  Thanks!
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