Halloween quest
Halloween 2014 Quest 1-18
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: [[Blue Peaks Valley Expedition Location| Blue Peaks Valley]]
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[[The White Coverlet|The White Coverlet This is the last quest in this serie


I had never seen such a fright. The witch jumped on her broom and flew away at such a pace, that I only managed to see a black dot disappear into the night sky.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px Send free gifts to your friends and tell them how to defeat the witch. 40 35 EmeraldCurrency
70px Find some gold to make a tooth for Silent Shadow. 10 3 EmeraldCurrency
70px Visit your friends and don't forget to ask them: "Trick or treat?" 15 3 EmeraldCurrency


Once the witch ran away, a little kitten appeared at the threshold and jumped into Silent Shadow's arms. She hugged the black fur ball tightly, then suddenly fell on the ground under the weight of Dull Echo. Having laughed for a while, the three of us together with our army of little ghosts went to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood.


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