Golden Palm. Part 3
Golden Palm. Part 3 quest
The Golden Palm Quest 1-7
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: [[Blue Peaks Valley Expedition Location| Blue Peaks Valley]]
30 Cotton Cotton
60 Rye Rye
50 Flax Flax
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[[Golden Palm. Part 2|Golden Palm. Part 2 [[The Pilgrimage|The Pilgrimage


Today I'm getting down to the final stage of the Golden palm's construction. I'm going to need plenty of energy and patience today.

If possible, save the Golden Palm for a quest that asks you to "Destroy it"


  • Take the toolbox from Storage and place it on the ground.
  • The summer sun makes the harvest dry. Get some water in the Well or Water pump. 0/50
  • Complete the construction of the Golden palm and place it from Storage to the ground.


After a few days of hard work, the Golden Palm was ready. She was gleaming in the sunlight, filling the air with heat coming from the pieces of sun in the crown of the tree.


  • The toolbox was rewarded and put into the player's Storage from the previous quest.
  • To create the Golden palm 5 Golden branches and 5 Piece of sun are needed. Each Golden branch is made from 5 250-ounce Nuggets and 1 steel branch. Each Steel branch is made from 3 steel beams and 1 steel plate. 1 steel beam could be made from 5 wire and 5 energy. 1 steel plate could be build from 3 tinplate and 5 energy. In sum 75 wire, 15 tinplate, 5 250-ounce Nuggets, 5 piece of sun and 100 energy.
  • In order to construct the Golden palm, the Palm trunk previously constructed and placed on the ground must be put into storage - it will then be recognized as a component for creating the Golden palm.
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