Golden lighthouse framed

Purchase Price: 2,500,000 CoinCurrency
Sell Price: 25,000 CoinCurrency
Exp. from purchase: 1,000 Experience
Workers Needed: None

Golden lighthouse helps create super shovels for the search of treasures at your friends'.

Construction Requirements:

  • None, this building comes completely built upon purchase.

Items created in this building:

Item Material 1 Material 2 Pieces Weight Sell Price Purchase Price
Golden shovels

Super shovel


10 x Boards


5 x Tinplate

20 N/A 50 CoinCurrency 25 EmeraldCurrency
for 500
Golden shovels

Super shovel


10 x Cherries


10 x Wind

10 N/A 50 CoinCurrency 25 EmeraldCurrency
for 500
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