Klondike: The Lost Expedition Wiki


How to start

You control the main character. Click him to change his clothing, name, and gender.

Can I start the game over?

Uninstall the app on facebook and then reinstall, but you will lose everything.

Game issues

You can find some tips on solving game issues in our official community.

What you can do

Collect output

To take the output to Storage, click the pop-up picture of the material that appears above the building. Different materials and resources are created in different buildings.

Dig up garden beds, plant seeds, and collect crops

Click the “Dig” button (a shovel) in the bottom right part of the screen. Then click on any clear piece of land to make your character place a new garden bed or a hotbed there. When the garden bed is ready, go to the Market and buy Seeds. Click on the garden bed to plant the seeds. Hold the mouse pointer over a plant to learn when the crops will ripen. Click the ripe crops to harvest them.

Open caches and collect treasures

Every tree you cut down and every stone you clear leaves a cache with treasures. Click this cache to open it, and when various treasures drop out of the cache, collect them all.

Purchase things at the Market

You can buy Seeds, Decorations, Buildings, Animals, Hotbeds, Energy, Workers, Territories, Fertilizers, Feed, and Clothing at the Market.

Invite friends

Friends will help you out in difficult situations. You can visit them to look for secret treasures in their territory. You can also hire your friends to work for you.

Visit friends and look for treasures in their territory

Invite your friends to play together. Click the avatar of your friend at the bottom of the screen and select “visit”. Once your friend’s map gets loaded, click any building or decoration to search it for coins and collection items. You only have 5 attempts a day to dig at each friend's territory; the more friends you have, the more useful things you can find.

Hire Inuit workers

You need Inuit workers to clear your area of stones and trees. Hire an Inuk at the Market and give him a task. Don't forget to collect output from buildings, otherwise your workers will just laze about.

Replenish energy

To manage large amounts of work on your own you'll need lots of energy. Replenish your energy by purchasing Energy in the Farm->Energy section of the Market.


Symbols used in the game

There are two icons representing a house and a human silhouette in the upper part of the screen. The numbers under the House icon indicate the number of beds available for your friend workers (the number of beds occupied/total number of beds). You can increase the total number of beds by building a Tent, a Cabin, Apartments, or an Inn. The numbers under the human silhouette indicate the number of Inuit workers you have hired (the number of Inuit working/the number of idle Inuit).

Inuit workers

You can hire Inuit to work for you at any moment. The number of Inuit workers needed depends on the task. They will become indispensable helpers for you. You can find Inuit in the Inuit section of the Market.

Hiring friends

Your friends are always glad to help you in your hard work. Click the avatar of a friend and select “hire.” Now your friend will work for you for a token payment. Remember that your friends need housing. Build a Tent, a Cabin, Apartments, or an Inn to increase the number of friend workers.

How do I go on expeditions?

To set out on an expedition, you first need to find the map.

Get the map

You will find the Map of Klondike once you arrive at your station. However, you will have to get everything ready before you set out on your first expedition. The expedition starts with the quest called Beginning of the navigation. You can find it on page 1 of the Adventures book


Click the sled and you will see a window with 2 tabs: Team and Cargo. Click the Team tab to find all information about the sled: the type and amount of feed you need for one day of travel, the maximum distance, the number of days you can feed the dogs for at home, the number of cargo pieces you can take at once. The Cargo tab shows what you have in your sled as well as the amount of space still available.

Feed the dogs

You can feed the dogs by clicking the "Feed the dogs" button: the grey dogs (Eskimo dogs) eat porridge, while the white ones (huskies) eat fish. If you are short of food or don't have enough time to cook it, you can buy it with emeralds. You can cook porridge and fish in the Barn.


Open the "Map" tab to see the Map of Klondike. Locations on the map are marked with round icons. The spinning icon denotes the location you are currently at. Hover the cursor over a location to see what distance you need to cover to get there and how many days the trip will take. If all the circles between the current location and the one you want to visit are white, you can go there. If there are some red circles on the way, you either need to upgrade the sled or buy a better sled in the "Animals" section of the Market. When you click the location icon, there appears a confirmation screen which shows how many days the trip to the location takes, the number of days you have enough food for, the equipment you need, and whether you have the necessary equipment in your sled. Click the GO button.



Equipment is needed to travel to other locations. To see the equipment you need to travel to a particular location, open the "Map" tab and click this location's icon. You can either create the equipment you need or buy it with emeralds.

The peculiarity of expedition locations.

When you first come to a new location, you see its entire territory hidden behind clouds. To be able to move within the location, you need to cut out the grass, bushes, stones, and trees that get in your way. Single clicks on these objects only bring you a modest reward, but if you click one of them several times in a row, you get a bundle or a stone clod, that turns into a heap of gifts once you bring it to your home station. Many locations have a key building that is found far off in the clouds. You need to find these buildings and complete their construction to later use them as warehouses and exchange platforms.

How do I cut out large objects?

You will sometimes come across stones and trees that you can't cut out with your current energy level. In this case you should eat an energy snack that you may have in your storage, or buy some energy by clicking the "Add energy" button at the top of the screen.

How do I get the items obtained during expeditions?

To get the items obtained during an expedition you need to go back to your home station and unload the sled


Sled is needed to travel from one location to another. At first, you are given a sled with one Eskimo dog, but you can upgrade this sled by exchanging it in the location Wind's Song, Polar-Side, Aery, or Indigo. You can also buy a new sled. There are times when you come to a location, but don't have enough food for the trip back home. In this case you can either buy some food for your dogs with emeralds, or simply click the "Home" button; but if you choose the latter, all the cargo you have obtained will be lost and you will come back home only with equipment in your sled. Your sled may also happen to lack the distance to come back home. In this case, you can still go back home, but all the cargo you have in your sled except the equipment will be lost on the way.


Sending gifts from Storage

Click the Storage button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Then click the small icon with a blue gift box to the right of the Sell button to open the window with a list of your friends. Click the “+” button under the avatar of the friend who you want to send the gift to. In this way you select the quantity of the material that you want to send. On the left, there are numbers indicating the amount of a given material you have in your Storage as well as its price. Click the “Send” button to gift the selected item to the recipient selected. You can send any material that you have in Storage, any collection item, as well as most decorations. Exchange items with friends to complete the collections that you need quicker.

Sending gifts via Friends bar

Click the avatar of your friend in the bottom part of the screen and select “gift” to open the gifts window. Choose the gift and click the “send” button under it to gift it to your friend. Remember that you can send only one free gift a day to each of your friends.

Sending gifts via Gift Box

Click the Gift Box icon in the upper left part of the screen. The numbers under the box icon indicate the number of friends you have sent a gift to/total number of friends. In the window that appears after you click the icon, select a gift. Remember that you can send only one free gift a day to each of your friends.


In the upper left-hand corner of the window that appears after you select a gift, you can write a message that will be sent to your friend together with the gift. A tick in the “show who needs it” check box allows you to see the players who added a certain material (the one that you are about to send as a gift) to their Wish List. The “Send to everyone” button allows you to send the same gift with the same message to all your friends at once. In the bottom part of the window, you can enter a friend’s name or nickname for a quick search.

Friends / Neighbors

Sending gifts to your friends

You can send any material that you have in your Storage, any collection item, and most decorations as a gift. Exchange collection items with friends to complete the collections you need quicker. You can read about the way to do it above.

Accepting gifts from your friends

Click the “Gifts” button in the bottom left part of the screen to see what gifts your friends have sent to you. You can accept a gift by clicking the “Accept” button under it.

Searching for objects

Click the yellow button with a magnifier near the object that you need for construction or a collection item to ask your friends to gift it to you.

Adding items to the Wish List

Click the “+” button (add to the “I wish” list) near the item you are looking for, so that your friends could see what items you really need in the game. They will surely send them to you as a gift.

Visiting friends

Click a friend’s avatar and select “visit” to pay them a visit. After you come to their station, use your 5 daily attempts to find a secret treasure there. Click any object on the map to find out what’s hidden under it.

Searching for caches

Search for caches and open them to collect treasures. Remember that other players may turn out to be quicker than you and take the treasures earlier.

Hiring friends

Your friends are always glad to help you in your hard work. Click the avatar of a friend and select “hire.” Now your friend will work for you for a token payment. Remember that your friends need housing. Build a Tent, a Cabin, Apartments, or an Inn to increase the number of friend workers.



Buy seeds and plant them in garden beds or hotbeds to grow plants that you may need in the game.


Buy decorations and adorn your station. Let your friends dig under every bench and fence in your territory and see what collection items they can find there.


Construct various building to turn your station into a real town. Click a ready building to create new materials that you will need for further construction.


Buy animals to breed at your station. Take good care of them and they will pay you back with materials that you will need further in the game. You can buy feed for animals in the Animals section of the Market.

Garden beds

Buy garden beds and hotbeds to grow the plants you need there.


To manage large amounts of work on your own, you will need lots of energy. Replenish your energy by selecting the method that is most convenient to you.


You can hire Inuit to work for you at any moment. The number of Inuit workers needed depends on the task. They will become indispensable helpers for you.


Open the territory on the Mountain Top to expand your demesne. The more areas you open, the more resources you can gather.


Choose a headwear, pants, a skirt, or an overcoat for your character. You need to look stylish no matter what.


Any building can be purchased in the Buildings section of the Market: some of them can be bought for coins, others cost emeralds. Once you buy a building you will need to complete its construction. Each building produces its own unique items.


You already have a Barn when you start to play the game. You can exchange many different materials in it. Each Barn you construct adds 55K coins to your daily gift limit.

Quarry and Sawmill

Quarry and Sawmill are needed for the extraction of stone and wood, respectively. Click a Quarry or a Sawmill to open the menu where you need to click the "Choose a stone" or "Choose a tree" button, then click the particular stone or tree that you want to process. Each stone or tree is processed by one worker or one Inuk. The ready material has to be collected from the Quarry or Sawmill. Once there are 3 ready items there, the workers stop and wait for you to take at least one stone or log away.

Trade Stall

Trader is needed for a risk-free exchange of resources among players. Select the Trade Stall and click the "Hire a Trader" button. There will appear a new window in which you first need to select what you would like to give. To do it, click the "Add" button and select the items from the list. Then state what you want to get in return. Remember that you can't receive goods worth more coins than your current gift limit.



You can buy animal feed in the Special section of the Market. Put a feeder on a clear spot of your territory, and your animals will come to the feeder to eat. If they do not do that, just drag an animal closer to the feeder.

Chicken, Goose, Turkey

If you feed your poultry, they will lay eggs. But to take the eggs, you'll have to find their nests. You can buy poultry feed in the Animals section of the Market.

Cow, Sheep

Cows (Sheep) eat grass and produce milk (wool). Wait a little and get an opportunity to collect lots of milk (wool) for your needs.


The eagle just flies over your station and observes things. It watches what is going on in your territory and sometimes notes things down.

Golden statuette

When an animal reaches the limit of the output it can produce, it turns into a golden statuette. The statuette, in its turn, can be turned into treasures. In other words, that’s the way animals take their well-deserved retirement.



All crops, logs, stones, and the output you have gathered go to Storage. Click the correspondent button in the bottom right part of the screen to see what you have there. Sell everything you consider useless to earn money for further purchases. And remember that your friends expect gifts from you.


Complete the tasks from the Adventures tab and you will never be bored. The game gets more and more interesting with every quest you complete.


Every time you dig at your own station or at your friend’s, you can chance upon some unusual items. Take these items and collect sets to later exchange them for valuable prizes and materials that are hard to get otherwise.

Save the items you collect until you need to fulfill a quest with a collection to redeem them.

Cancelling actions

If you have given your character too many tasks and want to cancel them, click the red octagonal button with a cross in the expandable Settings bar in the upper right part of the screen.

Moving, rotating, and selling objects

Remember that you cannot move and sell trees and stones; they can only be cut down and crushed, respectively. To move a decoration or a garden bed, click the button with a yellow mouse cursor in the bottom right part of the screen and select the “Move” mode. Then click the object that you want to move and the spot where you want to place it. To sell an object, click the same icon with a yellow mouse cursor, select the “Sell” mode, then click the object you want to sell. To rotate an object, select the “Rotate” mode in the same menu and click the object you would like to turn.

Making a screenshot

To make a screenshot, click the button with a camera in the expanded Settings bar in the upper right part of the screen. The screenshots of the game automatically go to a special album. Decorate your station beautifully and save a picture for the history.

Refilling your account

To add coins or emeralds to your account, click the correspondent button in the upper left part of the screen and choose the number of emeralds or coins that you need.


How do you start catching fish?

  • Open the Market and buy a Fisherman’s House (3 mln coins)
  • Complete the construction of the Fisherman’s House.
  • Create Floats in this building.
  • Place the floats on the water (the river of your Home Station).
  • Wait till the timer runs out and collect the fish and other items you have caught.

Fishing Details and Tips:

  • Start catching fish using the first float on the list of crafts. As you start catching fish, you will be finding the items needed to create other floats in your catch.
  • Hooks needed for the production of floats can be created in Tinker Factory or Metallurgy.
  • Styrofoam and Cunning Bob can be found in your catch, together with fish and other useful items and collection pieces.
  • The floats differ from one another in 2 ways: the catch (different floats can catch different items in different amounts) and the time you have to wait till the catch.
  • Mouse over a float in your Fisherman’s House to learn the time interval when you will catch fish.

For example, after you place a simple Float on the water, you will need to wait 1-8 hours (time selected randomly) till the fish starts biting. Once you place the float, you will see the timer. When the timer runs out you will get to collect the catch.