Fresh grass framed

Purchase Price:1 EmeraldCurrency
Sell Price:10 CoinCurrency

Fresh grass is a staple of life in the Klondike. It has many uses.

Fresh Grass is Obtained from:

  • Chopping grass and flowers at Home Station by the player.
    • Blue tulips
    • Grass
    • Jasmine
    • Small Ferns
    • Large Ferns
    • Yellow Acacia
  • Digging under grass and flowers on Neighbor's Stations
  • received as Free Daily Gift from Friends
  • exchanged for Collections: 25 from Reptile Set
  • Contained in treasure caches brought back from Expeditions by the player:
    • ​Bundle of Grass
    • A Large Bundle of Grass

Materials Created with Fresh Grass:

Buildings Constructed with Fresh Gras:

  • None at this time

Quests that Use Fresh Grass:

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