These are the locations available in Klondike. They are areas where the player can obtain additional resources and treasure. Some locations have an outpost building that can be repaired in order to establish a trading location for items that can't be obtained anywhere else as well as serve as an additional warehouse/storage area. Each settlement has a unique setting with it's own decorations and scenery. Some locations are close enough to the player's home station to be reached by sled non-stop. Distant locations require a break/stop over for the sled dog team at one or more locations en route to the final destination.


Expedition Equipment

Special equipment is required in order to be able to reach certain expedition locations. The requirements vary by location.

World map

Excellent world map in english available here:

World map

World map; locations through Emerald Coast

Map - Germany

World map; from Germany

Map world en

World map; locations up until Khan Mires.

Map world ru

World map, in Russian; locations up until Dragon Wing.

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