Klondike: The Lost Expedition Wiki

How to get more than the maximum energy in your bar:

Have one less energy than the limit and then use a consumable energy. You can build on that even more by digging at friend's houses, opening hides, unloading grass bunches and some barrels and boxes from expeditions, finishing quests, leveling up (refills energy or if already full, will add the full amount of the maximum on top of what energy you have).

Strategies for energy management

There are many strategies for managing your energy. Here are a few:

  • Choose a set amount of energy and consumables to spend at a given time, then go back to your home station and harvest crops, manufacture, and feed animals last, letting you get time for your energy to regenerate.
  • At the expedition location you are working on clearing, bank your energy snacks. This helps you not spend them as they are only available when you travel on an expedition.
  • When you receive energy consumables, spend the small ones (5 or under) and save the large ones. This enables you to keep the higher value energy items for limited time lands and spend a limited number of energy snacks on longer term goals.


  • You can send and receive free Cups of coffee to/from your neighbors. These can be traded for Dream breakfast consumables in the barn worth 5 energy each. 1 Dream breakfast costs 1 Cup of coffee and 1 Doughnut. Doughnuts can only be given by the Klondike developers as generous gifts - do not expect them or depend on getting them regularly.
  • You can get consumables worth 5 energy each by trading in Horn collections.


  • You can get some consumables worth carrying amounts by unloading grass, barrels and boxes from expeditions. Other times you will get straight energy from unloading (particularly with pieces of iron ore).

Where to find energy at Neighbors

Some of the best places to dig for energy on a neighbor's property are:

  • Animal Fences (cattle or poultry)
  • Broken Bridge (the bridge prior to repair)
  • Benches
  • Tulips
  • Incubators
  • Rails
  • Barn
  • Tents
  • Rabbitry / Large Rabbitry
  • Fountains
  • Quarry
  • Box with lathe
  • Halloween pumpkins
  • Graves

Where you can make energy snacks

Some buildings and expeditions allow you to make energy: