Cornucopia: a special Thanksgiving building

  • Here is how it works: you upgrade it using Fruits of autumn and transform it into gifts at any stage you wish. The fuller your Cornucopia is, the better gifts you get.
  • Your friends cannot leave their Fruits of autumn at your Cornucopia: you need to build it yourself using the Fruits that you bring from Wild Garden or find in your gift box.
  • Cornucopia is available at the Market for 250K coins till December 14th.
  • Construction stages: 10, 50, 100, 200 Fruits of autumn.
  • You can transform your Cornucopias whenever you want.

Building Interface Actions:

Player's Building:

Neighbor's Building:

  • Not applicable

Materials Used:

  • There is no recipe location to combine the items. It is done automatically when the apples and pears are unloaded at home station. The Fruits of Autumn will then appear in the player's Storage.
Item Material Pieces Weight Sell Price Purchase Price
Fruits of autumnFruits of Autumn
Juicy appleJuicy Apple
1 1SledIcon 2,000 CoinCurrency 3 EmeraldCurrency
Fruits of autumnFruits of Autumn
Ripe pearRipe Pear
1 1SledIcon 2,000 CoinCurrency 3 EmeraldCurrency

Construction Requirements:

Cornucopia will gain additional decorations and grow in size depending on number of Fruits of Autumn used to build it with.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Completed
40px 40px 40px 40px Cornucopia stage5
0-9 Fruits of autumn 10-59 Fruits of autumn 60-159 Fruits of autumn 160-359 Fruits of autumn 360 Fruits of autumn
Cornucopia stage1giftheap Cornucopia stage2giftheap Cornucopia stage3giftheap Cornucopia stage4giftheap Cornucopia stage5giftheap


Cornucopia stage5giftheap

The heap of gifts from a stage 5 Cornucopia.

The transformed Cornucopia appears as a heap of gifts, with several stages corresponding to the amount of stages built.

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