•  Clock Tower is a building that you need to upgrade the best you can. 
  • The higher stage of upgrade you reach, the better heap of gifts you will get once you transform the Mill.
  •  In order to upgrade the Clock Tower you need Chocolate that can be made in the Ghost House, mailed as a gift from friends, or left by your friends who visit your Clock Tower. 
  • When your neighbors visit your Clock Tower, they may purchase chocolates for emeralds.
  • The Clock Tower has 6 upgrade stages that require 10, 50, 100, 200, 300, and 13 chocolate.
  • Once your neighbor accepts your chocolate, you will automatically receive a return gift.
  • Chocolates can be accepted whenever.
  • Place Clock Towers nearest the tunnel entrance at home station - this lets visitors find it quickly.
  • Don’t forget to travel to Rainbowland. This area contains many Blue Leaf that can be exchanged for chocolate in the ghost house.</span>

Building Interface Actions:

Player's Building: This building follows the standard Knock Building Interface menu style.

Neighbor's Building:

Materials Used:

Item Cost Limit
100px3 Chocolates 3 EmeraldCurrency Unlimited
100px10 Chocolates 5 EmeraldCurrency Unlimited
100px25 Chocolates 9 EmeraldCurrency Unlimited

Construction Requirements:

Clock Tower will gain additional decorations and grow in size depending on number of Chocolates used to build it with.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 Completed
Clock tower stage1 Clock tower stage2 Clock tower stage3 Clock tower stage4 Clock tower stage5 Clock tower stage6 Clock tower
0-9 1 chocolates 10-59 1 chocolates 60-159 1 chocolates 160-359 1 chocolates 360-659 1 chocolates 660-672 1 chocolates 673 1 chocolates
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