As you explore a map you will, at times, find there are objects that are too large to clear or pick up. You can go above your max energy easily by starting at your normal max energy and then spending 1 energy and eating a food item. Note: Pick up heavy items before spending any energy. Next, say you're at 35 with a normal 20 you click on three 25 objects and lower each of them to 20 and then finish one off. This lets you clear more objects instead of clearing just one. When very high on energy lower multiple objects to your normal max energy, so you can clear more of them. This is an efficient tactic to clear timed lands quickly while maximizing food value, especially while below level 40.

When exploring you will uncover items too heavy to pick up. Starting at your max energy, spend 1 energy and eat a piece of food. Now you're overmax but still need more. Visit friends and dig for gold veins to find extra energy, also keep an eye out for hides as they give a lot of energy, nice friends will leave them for you to collect and some will even use the arrow signs to show you where they are at. If you're just starting out you might have to wait a few days to pick up the 40-50 weight items so save your large food items for looting them and only spend the +5s to clear maps faster. You will save time that way.

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