Chuck Woody
Chuck Woody quest
Woodside Quest 1-2
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Woodside
50 Coal Coal.png
50 Iron ore Iron ore.png
50 Clay Clay.png
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Khanbulat Nameless Forest


"Khans told me you were looking for Mengu", said Chuck seating himself on the chair. "On my way to Khanbulat I came across a forest camp that he had abandoned", Chuck opened his flask and took some sips.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px Pay Chuck for the information (sell some gold from Storage). 30 3 EmeraldCurrency.png
70px Exchange a Stone Set. 3 5 EmeraldCurrency.png
70px Exchange a Shaman Set. 3 3 EmeraldCurrency.png


There were footsteps that led from the camp to the glacier; footsteps of two people, not one', said Chuck rubbing his moustache. 'Go to Nameless Forest. There you'll find my old dugout. I hope it's still in a good state'.


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