Building Guides

Station Clearing Rewards

Wind's Song - a mill building that uses 1 worker and has 2 recipes for making flour

Aery - a tree that has 2 recipes for creating wild turkey and peafowl

Ukhty - a grass roof hut that will house 1 free worker for 2 weeks at a time

Polar side - a stone decor that also has a daily spinner

Indigo - a church building that can house 30 people for 9 days

Scalp - a treasure box that has several decor flowers

Khanbulat - a teepee that houses 2 workers for free for 13 days

Mirages - a decor bear statue that is also a daily spinner

Woodside - a dugout building that will house 1 person for 30 days for free

The Glade - a round hut that has a recipe for Forest Decoction and Black Rabbits

Sunrise - an ice statue decor item that is also a daily spinner

Indim - a barn building that has recipes for sled-animal foods

Martu - a viking ship that has 2 recipes for fishing floats

Arcane - a treasure box with 6 decor red pine trees

Arnica - a decor canoe

Nord-pas - It's a sign that says Nord-paso 171km.  A sign... (decor item)

Caldos - a decor item that looks like a harp and has a recipe for the Mechanism

Inti - a decor fountain that has a recipe for a "Pearl" item that sells for 350k coin, every 72 hrs. (req no workers)

Southern Reach - a ship in a bottle decor item that has a recipe for making the Lacquered Board (I have no idea why)

NOTE: some buildings may need assembly, and/or some recipes may need unlocking.

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