• Dlkeeling66

    I had just finished the Forty Mile location of the Road to Dawson,  However, I am unable to get to the next location.  I had cleared everything and the game won't let me continue to the next site.  What needs to be done. 

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  • Sidfurry153


    April 29, 2019 by Sidfurry153

    So I just installed the game on my cell phone yesterday when one of my other games got boring. I am new to this, but I guess I have a little experience with it. I am already at level 8.

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  • Goin4it

    Foggy Forest - where is it?

    February 5, 2017 by Goin4it

    I saw on that there is a temporary location, The Foggy Forest, that will expire on Feb 9, 2017 but I don't see it on my expedition map. Do you have to be a certain level to see it (I'm only at 29 right now) or is it maybe unavailable on Plinga?

    Here's the link, for reference:

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  • Prochef11

    horror movie land

    October 15, 2016 by Prochef11

    Does anybody know when the next update to this is as i am waiting to complete the last 2 stages of the 3 houses thanks all

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  • Armyguy593

    Problem logging on

    February 17, 2016 by Armyguy593

    I cannot log on to the game, I keep getting DNS server not found.  Can someone please help.  I have been unable to contact the game makers to get this fixed

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  • VersaKT

    What I like to do

    February 9, 2016 by VersaKT

    I really enjoy wikis, cuz I'm an info freak. I can get lost all day reading random stuff, one after the other.  I do not, however, know much about building a wiki.  Specifically making pages n such.  If you're a wiki-xpert, with some time on your hands, give me a holler and teach me, oh learned one.

    What I really enjoy doing are guides.  I'm guilty of trying to stuff too much info in, but to me it's a contest (with myself) to see if I can get it all in and not have to edit or rewrite.  If someone has to ask for clarification, I consider it a failure in my writing.  I'm a tough audience for myself ;)

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  • Briar Rhasbehry

    Snowy Park is the New Year's adventure in Klondike. A couple things to note to make the fun a little more fun!

    As always, clear your cache. There are a few challenges involved in this one and completion of each one triggers the next portion of the challenge set. To make things go smoother, clear your cache and reload after first challenge completion because it triggers snow drifts to start appearing in the Snowy Park location. By the way, it's a good idea to go ahead and clear out some of the space in order to maximize the snow drifts popping up.

    Snow drifts look like white blobs on the snowy terrain. It's a lot of white. Look for blobs. And the hyacinth mushrooms look like red blobs on sticks. So, the new cast of characters are blobs. Enjoy…

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  • Ambergris37

    box of porridge

    July 12, 2015 by Ambergris37

    Yesterday, I unloaded my box of porridge at my home station, figuring I could find out the selling price and finish my addition to the wiki. However, as I unloaded it, it turned into bowls of porridge.  Now I have to figure out some other way to get that info.

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  • Lacy-Star

    Who am I?

    May 20, 2015 by Lacy-Star

    Hi I'm Lacy and I am new to the community and just starting to get a feel for my new neighborhood. I love Klondike and I love my computer. I am an artist and spend a lot of time doing computer art work. I believe I will enjoy being a part of this community and want to be a help to others as this site has been to me. I look forward to making new cyber friends within the Klondike Wiki community.

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  • Cfbandit


    May 14, 2015 by Cfbandit

    Looks like I accidentally created this. Oh well! Learn something new about entering stuff on the wiki each day. Been trying to help with lots of guides, things that I wanted to know when I started but couldn't find anywhere else. 

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  • Tenneyes

    getting new sruff

    December 11, 2014 by Tenneyes

    getting new stuff helps so try to come on every day to get new things or to level

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  • Mocha.fielder

    Pics Made Easy

    December 7, 2014 by Mocha.fielder

    I found a great shareware called GIMP 2.

    It is easy to use and works with transparences.

    I love it.

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  • Julezhughes2112


    October 3, 2014 by Julezhughes2112

    Drives me mad having no idea what to expect when i buy a building right now its been the appartments building so if u see this blog and u wanna know what items u will need here it to complete the building.

    you will need for the 1st stage 10x bricks. 10x wood veneer, and 10 nails 2nd stage 10 x pipe 10 x tiles and 5 x windows final stage 4 x beds 1 table and 4 stools hope u guys find this useful

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    A lot of quests are being added to the Wiki by additional editors. This is awesome but please use the following format for the single quest pages or the bot will be deleting them without warning as it is making a lot of extra work to re-edit each of the pages to bring them up to standard. Thank you all!

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Good Afternoon!

    Thank you for the edits to the site!

    Unfortunately there are a lot of edits that have been counter productive.  A lot of unnecessary pages were created, incorrect files used, and incorrect templates. It's going to take time to fix those things and get them back to standard so the other planned updates have been put on hold for now while this is corrected.

    Maintenance on this should be finished by 22 September 2014 depending on how much needs to be corrected.

    Thank you for your patience!

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Good morning Klondike Players!

    To keep things consistent we are asking that all of the editors please use the following pages as your examples / templates from which to work off of as you add new data to the site. We think that this will greatly assist editors in creating new pages if they had something more complete to copy from and edit to fit a particular topic. Thank you very much for your cooperation and continued efforts in making this the best Klondike site on the web!

    Quest Submenu Listing Page (Containing all of the quests involved in that chain):
    • Expedition
    Single Quest Page:
    • Fix The Sawmill

    • Bakery

    • Wind's Song

    • Clay

    • Bear Set
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    A lot of changes are going on around here!

    We are thrilled to see so many people helping out and adding to the pages! Things are coming along very well!

    We know some of you aren't that great about graphic editing but that's OK! We appreciate the pictures you have uploaded in the meantime that have been working out great as placeholder graphics.

    Please excuse the mess on the rest of the site as work is still in progress. There have been a few real life commitments that have come up lately so things have been a little slow.

    Thank you all for helping to build this great community!

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    New lands and new tasks!

    Nameless Forest: a long-expected area on the Map of Klodike

    • In order to reach Nameless Forest you need to get its map in Khanbulat.
    • There are three locations in Nameless Forest: Woodside, the Glade, and Sunrise.
    • Each of these new locations has its own main building. Once you've built it, you can use it as a storage.


    • To reach Woodside you will need a Kerosene Lamp, a Tent, a Pot, and a Rope Ladder.
    • You get a Pot for completing new Khanbulat quests.

    The Glade:

    • To get there you’ll need to swap for the map of Nameless Forest in Khanbulat.
    • Sleeping bag and hunting knife will come in handy at the Glade. The latter you’ll get for completing quests of Nameless Forest.


    • Besides a Pot, a Kerosene Lamp, and a Tent, you …
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Editing Pages

    August 6, 2014 by Eclaire.Pastry

    Good Morning fellow Wikians!

    Please be aware that there have been a large amount of edits lately. It's come to a point where we may stop allowing anonymous edits and only allow registered users to edit pages.

    This is because many people have changed the syntax of the page layouts. Do not do this. Use one of the templates or examples from other pages.

    All GRAPHICS, not text are to be used to link to their sources. This should be done this way:

    Please make sure to follow all syntax usages to ensure page uniformity!

    Pages that don't comply will be subject to changes, protection, or possible deletion.

    Thank you!


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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Observation Tower in Klondike

    Managing your storages and barters on other stations has become easier!

    • Build an Observation Tower and you won’t have to travel to other stations just to see what’s in storage there.
    • To be able to see the contents of storage and barters of a station you need to find the main building on this station and restore it first.
    • In the Observation Tower you can also load the materials that you need to bring to another station to your sled from your storage without any difficulty. You can also unload the things you don't need (they will get into your storage).
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Welcome a new, better kind of Pig

    Farming Update in Klondike

    • The Purebred Pig produces more fertilizers than the regular one
    • The golden statue of a purebred pig is valued more: inside of it you will find 2 times more XP and fertilizers compared to the ordinary pig statue. What’s more, you have a chance to find malachite there.

    The dream of fertilizing crops in vegetable complexes comes true!

    • Select one of the 3 fertilizers in your complex to make the crop you are growing ripen faster.
    • Click the Repeat fertilization button and the system will automatically apply the fertilizer that you used last on all the following crops you grow in the complex. The process will go on until you run out of fertilizers of this type.
    • Click the Fertilize complexes bu…
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Colorful Update in Klondike!

    Are you ready to conquer a new colorful land of Klondike and challenge your friends and neighbors a little?

    Welcome to Kaleidoscope. Its tricky labyrinths hide lots of beautiful Leadlight trees. Build the Leadlight Mill on your Home station and invite your friends to visit it.

    Kaleidoscope: a new land on the map of Klondike

    • Kaleidoscope is a temporary location that closes 14 days after you first travel there;
    • The only piece of equipment needed to reach Kaleidoscope is a Kerosene Lamp;
    • Your mission on this station is to cut 15 Leadlight trees. Note: this mission only counts the big Leadlight trees that you cut. The medium and small leadlight trees are not counted towards the goal.
    • Cut the trees in Kaleidoscope and brin…
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    New Neighbor System Implemented!!

    We are glad to introduce our new neighbor system that will allow you to become neighbors with other players without friending them on Facebook!

    Here are the things you should know about Neighbors:

    What is a neighbor?

    • A neighbor in Klondike is your friend in the game who is not your Facebook friend. There is no difference between friends and neighbors in the game: you can visit both, exchange gifts and trade with friends and neighbors equally.

    Who can become my neighbor?

    • Any Klondike player who sends you a neighbor request in the game and gets your approval can become your neighbor.

    How do I add neighbors?

    • Click the Neighbors tab at the bottom of the screen >> select the Search inlay >> Add a random player offered …
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Celebrate Independence Day with a new questline and items!

    Klondike is celebrating Independence Day

    • Complete the first quest of the new chain and get the White House where you can house 1 most important person!
    • Complete all the tasks of the festive quest chain to get a unique Independence Day decoration: the awesome U.S. Flag.
    • The new beautiful decorations from the Market will adorn your station and the territory around the White House in a most sophisticated way.
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Farming Update in Klondike

    Grow crops on a commercial scale!

    • Vegetable Complex and Super-Complex will increase your harvests multifold!
    • These new complexes combine features of a garden bed and a factory. Here, you can put several crops in queue and they will be grown (created) one after another. What’s more, you won’t need coins to plant seeds there. Don’t worry: the complexes don’t require any workers.
    • In Vegetable Complex, 1 planted seed + 1 energy = 8 crops.

    In the Super-Complex, 2 planted seeds + 1 energy = 16 crops.

    • Vegetable Complex costs only 200K coins. It’s a real bargain!

    7 brand-new crops available at the Market!

    • The new crops will allow you to produce feed for your animals:

    Wind’s Mill: 30 corn + 2 cages = Hay Bale for 150 portions; Cot…

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Football Update in Klondike!!!

    Let’s go to Brazil!!

    • A brand new temporary location dedicated to the football cup. A place of sun, exotic plants, and football!
    • The location Brazil closes 14 days after you first travel there;
    • Hurry up: you can only open this new location till July 13;
    • The Tropics are closer than ever: the location Brazil is only 50 km (2 days) away from your Home station;
    • While in Brazil, your main goal is to collect all pink footballs. There are 15 of them there.

    Bring the footballs home and open them to get a variety of amazing items;

    • Once you achieve this goal you will get a box full of valuable items of all kinds and a wonderful football decoration inside!
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Long-necked Update in Klondike

    New birds of the northern lands:

    • Ostrich and White ostrich are now available at the Market! You’ll need 10 worms to raise an ordinary ostrich and 15 worms for the white one.
    • Ostriches will produce feathers and eggs that you can bring to Polar-Side and use to create Ostrich egg baskets. These Baskets can be swapped for worms in your Home Cottage.

    Note: you can only create the ostrich egg basket from eggs of ordinary ostriches, not the white ones.

    • In the nests and golden statues of ostriches you will find XP, ostrich eggs and feathers, as well as various collection items including pieces of the brand-new Illusionist’s, Gentleman, and Reptile sets.
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    More Quests and goodies!

    • A new quest chain: Golden Palm. Bring a piece of tropical countries to your Home Station!
    • The Golden Palm can’t be bought in the Market. You can create it with the help of the boxes that you will get for completing the tasks.
    • The Golden Palm is not only a unique decoration; once you’ve built it, you can cut it down and get a generous reward.
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    A new furry friend comes to help out on your station!

    New animal: Cat

    • Buy a cat and you’ll get a little helper: it will find and open all the nests on your Home Station for 15 milk.

    New buildings: Incubators.

    • In a simple incubator you can breed incubator chickens and incubator geese that turn golden faster.
    • A golden incubator allows you to raise Tribal turkey and Tribal geese that bring you more treasures.

    Note: once you've created the birds, they appear as chickens and are put into your Storage.


    • A peafowl can be bred in a golden incubator by using peafowl eggs and fire.

    New feature: a possibility to put your Watchdog into your Storage.

    • When in the Storage, a Watchdog doesn't bark.

    Also we have considered your requests and removed the Helping…

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Travel Update: Sled Upgrades are now available at the Market!!!

    These upgrades will make traveling easier by increasing your sled’s distance, load capacity, or speed.

    Here is the list of Sled Upgrades:

    • Fastener. Allows you to place any equipment so that it doesn't occupy space in the sled. You can get this upgrade in the building of Khanbulat.
    • Falling back. Will let you to load 150 extra kilos of cargo to the sled. The additional skids remove extra burden from the dogs which helps to prevent speed loss. However, this upgrade becomes unfit for use after 1000 days of travel.
    • Skids grease. Will increase your sled's speed by 10 km per day. However, one can of grease will only last for 120 days of travel.
    • Structure reinforcer. Distributes the load be…
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Update:8 May 2014

    August 1, 2014 by Eclaire.Pastry

    Major Update in Klondike: Khan Mires Map Addition!

    Khan Mires: a new, long-expected area on the Map of Klondike

    • Khan Mires contain 3 new picturesque locations: Scalp, Khanbulat, and Mirages.
    • In order to open the new area, you will need to create the Map of Khan Mires in Aery.
    • Each of the 3 new locations has its own key building where you can create various items and a Quest chapter, which will challenge and entertain you.

    A delicious snack with more energy

    • Raspberry Chime is prepared in the Bakery from Curd base and Raspberry, a new free gift.
    • Raspberry Chime gives +40 Energy.

    Glassblowers: a brand-new factory in Klondike

    • In the Glassblowers you will get to produce Glass and Window Glass.
    • Later, you will also be able to craft other Glass items in th…
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Agricultural Update is sure to please avid farmers!

    Great news for the substantial farmers:

    • You can expand your household to Wind’s Song!
    • Wind’s Song now has its own Market where you can buy garden beds and seeds, animals and feed for the dogs, as well as fruit trees, Energy, Wigwam and Gardener.
    • Apart from buying items directly at Wind’s Song, you can also bring some buildings: Gardener, Wigwam, and Poultry Yard (without nests) there from your Home Station. To do that, take these buildings to Storage, then load them to the sled, unload them in Wind’s Song’s Mill, and place the buildings on the ground.

    Gardening in Alaska has become a reality:

    • 3 types of fruit trees: Apple, Pear, and Cherry trees appeared at the Market.
    • Buy a fruit tree, water it…
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Major Industrialization begins in the Klondike!

    Your town is growing bigger every day:

    • 4 new powerful factories at the Market: Timber Works, Metallurgy, Manufactories, and Milk Plant; all of them for coins!
    • The new buildings will help you produce goods on a commercial scale.

    Magic Housing for your Workers :

    • Klondike’s new residential building, the High-rise, increases the number of workers you’ve hired twice.
    • It can house 20 neighbors for 3 days and make them work as 40 people.

    No more vain trips:

    • Make notes in the Notebook so as not to forget anything.
    • The Notebook is always at hand in the right part of the game screen.
    • You can either type the notes manually or make them automatically, by clicking the Notebook icon in an expedition building.
    • The Not…
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Easter has come to Klondike!

    • Search for nests with Easter eggs to get extra energy.
    • The nests will be appearing at your Home station and in Ukhty every 6 hours.
    • Inside the nests you will find Easter eggs with energy inside, XP points, and collection pieces.
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    New Location: Déjà Vu

    Welcome to a brand new temporary location called Déjà vu!!!

    Déjà vu is rich in coal and other valuable resources and there are Money Plants growing there.

    • Don’t waste your time! Déjà vu will be closed 14 days after you first visit it.
    • Don’t postpone the visits to this wonderful location: Déjà vu will disappear from the map of Klondike in 2 months.

    Here are some facts you need to know about Déjà vu:

    • There are no quests or key building on this location;
    • There are 10 Money Plants that you will need to find and put to the sled;
    • Inside the Money Plants you will find many collection items.
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    New Building: The Skyscraper!

    Update in Klondike: Skyscraper and 4 days of super-sales!

    • The Skyscraper is a huge residential building that can house up to 30 workers for 2, 4, or 6 days! 

    • Super-discount on useful items:

    - You can now buy a Modern Sled for 99 emeralds instead of 150.  - A Hothouse will cost you 29 emeralds instead of the regular 50. - The discount price of an Inn is 19 emeralds only!

    Hurry up! This sale will last for 4 days and will be over by Sunday night!

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    The Market Stall is here!!

    • The Market Stall for the most enterprising players! It will allow you to exchange various game items including collection pieces and buildings with your neighbors absolutely risk-free. Select what you are ready to give and choose what you want to get in exchange and your trader will start the work. Don’t forget to click the Share button to post the details of the exchange you offer on your Wall.

    • As the items you receive after the exchange in the Market Stall reduce your giftlimit for the day, the blue boxes that increase your daily giftlimit by up to 500K coins will come in handy. Buy an increase at the Market once and enjoy a bigger giftlimit every day!

    • Welcome the new cute animals in your Klondike farms! Pur…

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    New Quests!! Explore the Moon Well Chapter!!

    • A brand-new chapter in the book of adventures: The Moon Well. Challenging quests, new acquaintances, and a moving story await you!
    • Rabbits have become more profitable: the quality and range of collection items that drop out of the golden statues of rabbits have been significantly improved!
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Please excuse the dust from construction, many pages are currently being worked on to improve the site. I'm sure you've already noticed the new layout of the main page being rolled out. We're hoping that the changes help make things much easier on the eyes and easier for people to get around and find what they need. For now the older content delivery will be left on the main page until they are integrated into the new layout. 

    Improvments in progress:

    • New navigation menu to make browsing the site from the main page much easier
    • Updated quest templates for quest pages
    • Finishing quest text page population - updating quest information
    • Creation of simplified Navigation templates
    • Updating and uploading graphics for buildings and materials
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Welcome our new guests: Rabbits!

    • You don’t have to buy many rabbits; just buy a couple and they will bring forth young!
    • Rabbits eat a lot of grass. You can make grass in a Fountain. The water for the production of grass you can get from Water well or from Water pump.
    • Buy a Rabbitry: there you can put up to 25 rabbits. While in the Rabbitry, your rabbits don’t reproduce themselves, don’t need to be fed, and don’t turn into golden statues before their due time! You can also sell young rabbits from the Rabbitry.
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Spring Update in Klondike

    A new quest chain that will help you remember how Klondike began and show your love to the game. Complete the 9 exciting quests to get 5 Golden Valentines.

    • Each successive Golden Valentine is better than the previous one.
    • The first four Golden Valentines are roulettes with energy snacks and other useful items.
    • The fifth Golden Valentine will allow you to exchange free valentines into worms, bones, and feed for the animals and birds.

    Game changes implemented:

    • Hiring rates have been significantly reduces.
    • The craft of equipment needed for the expeditions has become easier, the prices of these items have been reduced.
    • The craft of sleds has become easier.
    • The construction of the Bakery, Tinker factory, and Hotels from now on …

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Valentine’s Day Update in Klondike

    • Adorn your station with new romantic decorations to create a special mood on this wonderful day.
    • Send free Valentines to one another, they will come in handy soon.
    • Try on the new clothes to create your unique style.
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Tired of being constantly followed by birds and animals?

    • Cattle yard and Poultry fencing will prevent your animals and birds from wandering around your territory.
    • Prices of clothes have become from 2 to 4 times lower.
    • Poultry yard with guards has become much cheaper.
    • The crafts of porridge and matches have become much easier.
    • We have added hints telling where you can find collection items. You can find them right under the set’s name in the Collections tab.
    • The production time of several materials, like tile, beams, windows, and beds, has been reduced.
    • We have released new feeders for birds.
    • Feed for 2 birds has become twice cheaper and its production has been made easier.
    • We have added a new way of producing porridge and hay bales.
    • The building of …

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Welcome a new inhabitant of your station!

    • The Pig will give you fertilizers and loads of gold.
    • You can create food for your pigs in the Barn.
    • What makes a perfect breakfast? A cup of fresh brewed coffee and… a yummy doughnut. Find some Doughnuts in the gift from administration and accept the Cups of coffee as free gifts, then go to the Barn to cook your own Dream breakfast and get some energy!
    • It’s become possible to refill your energy to the limit for only 2 emeralds! Better use this option when your energy level is at zero
    • Accept another wonderful Gift from the Administration and get 100 portions of porridge for your dogs, 10 pieces of honey with 5 units of energy each, 470 XP, 100 coins, and 100 doughnuts!
    • Take a better look inside the nests …

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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Tip from the Klondike team

    How to get Energy:

    • You can find a lot of Energy in the hides that appear after you completely cut out a tree or stone. The bigger the hide, the more Energy it contains.
    • Another source of Energy is your friends’ territories. Visit your neighbors and dig under their buildings and decorations.
    • You get a fair amount of Energy for completing quests and earning achievements.
    • What’s more, your Energy limit may increase by 1 point when you reach a new level.
    • You can always click the Energy bar to open the mini-shop with powerful Energy snacks. Purchase them to replenish your Energy and continue the exploration of Klondike.
    • The most effective and reliable source of energy is the Bakery, where you can produce different energy sna…
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  • Eclaire.Pastry

    Welcome to Klondike!!!

    We are glad to announce that the game ‘Klondike: The Lost Expedition’ has been released on Facebook!

    Join the exciting game about a fearless young man who comes to the Far North in search of his father, a gold-digger.

    Thrilling adventures and vast picturesque locations, amusing animals and charismatic characters, and a moving story of a father and a son - all that awaits you in Klondike.

    So, go ahead, play the game, and solve the mystery of the lost expedition:

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