Purchase Price: ?? EmeraldCurrency
Sell Price: 100 CoinCurrency
Gift Value:
Production Time: None

"Your friends who haven't entered the game for long have turned into ghosts. Send them this kitten. Once they accept it, the spell will be broken and both of you will get valuable gifts."

Item is Obtained from:

  • Created in the Barn from 1 Caged Kitten and 1 Red KeyRed key (25 received as reward from The Salvation)

Materials Created with Item:

  • None

Buildings Constructed with Item:

  • None

Quests that Use Item:

Quests that Reward Item:

  • None


  • Black Kittens can be sent to inactive friends; upon their return to the game, the sender receives a halloween pumpkin that can be placed and opened for a reward.
  • Reward: 10,000 Icon-Coin 1, 300 Icon-XP 1, 30 Golden shovels Golden shovels, 5 CandyCandy, 3 LollipopLollipop, 1 ChocolatesChocolates.

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