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Adventures are quests which advance the player through the game by providing rewards and a building path. Quests are categorized by which questline they are associated with.

A quest line is a series of tasks for a player to complete in Klondike. Successful completion was rewarded with a bonus, usually coins, XP and some other item. A quest line would usually have 8 to 12 goals (stages, levels, missions, quests) which must be completed one after the other. Some quests required a minimum level, or access to certain expedition locations.

Timed Quests - Each quest has a limited time for completion, and is removed if not complete before they expire. These are occasionally linked with a timed expedition location to celebrate a holiday or other special occasion. (Quests that pertain to permanent locations are not timed.)

The first quest in Klondike was Fix the Sawmill.

A full list of the quests in the game can be found on the Master List. Quests on this page are arranged according to category.

Quest items

Certain quests require the collection or creation of quest items, which were placed in the player's Storage. The game will automatically use these items when all objectives are met in order to complete the quest.

Journal Entry Chapters

Chapter 1: Blue Peaks Valley

Chapter 2: The Tigroid Nugget

Chapter 3: Expedition

Chapter 4: The Fox

Chapter 5: Road to the East

Chapter 6:  Moon Well

Chapter 7: Aquamarine Ring

Chapter 8: The Golden Palm

Chapter 9: To the North

Expedition Location Quests

  • Old Depot
  • Destroyed Road
  • Tunnel
  • The Story. Part 1
  • The Story. Part 2
  • The Story. Part 3
  • The Story. Part 4
  • The Story. Part 5
  • Mining Plants
  • What's Next?
  • Destiny Of The Road
  • Earnest Search
  • Meet You On The Train
  • Good News
  • Hit The Road

    • Old Depot

  • Research
  • Weather Station
  • Camp Guards
  • No Sleep
  • Gunshots
  • The Cold Shoulder
  • The Plan
  • Treasures Of The North
  • Temperature Anomalies
  • Danger
  • Another Encounter
  • Injustice
  • Happy End?
  • White Lies
  • Inception
  • See You At The Station

    • Wind Of Change

  • The Survivor
  • Help
  • The Search
  • The Cold Lands
  • Between Two Rocks
  • Lifeboats
  • The Loss
  • Failure
  • Miracles
  • Aurora

    • Aurora
    • Lost Provisions

  • Gang
  • Important Business
  • Barricades
  • Getting Ready
  • Bridge
  • The Gang Returns
  • The Job
  • Not As Easy As It Seems
  • Help
  • To-Do List
  • Almost Forgot
  • Bridge
  • Bandits Again
  • Some Rest
  • Get Down To Work
  • The Salvation
  • One More Task
  • Just Talking
  • Bridge
  • A Farewell To Arms
  • The Loss
  • The Shoe Prints
  • The End

  • Event Questlines

    <tabber> |-|Sleepy Valley=

    |-|2014 Archives

    Valentine's Day

    Independence Day

    Alaska Day


    At the Helm

    Limited access expedition quests

    Deja Vu

    • Money Plant





    Christmas Lights Expedition Location