A Good Fence
A Good Fence quest
Blue Peaks Valley Quest 3-3
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Blue Peaks Valley
5 Boards Boards
5 Wire Wire
5 Nails Nails
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A Backlog of Work The Fundamentals of Agriculture


A good fence makes it easier to organize zones for work and rest. We'll spend the whole day building fences.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px Buy fences at the Market and place them in a straight line to form a proper enclosure. 8 2 EmeraldCurrency
70px *Turn the last section of the fence using the Rotate tool. 1 1 EmeraldCurrency
70px Remove the wooden paths you don't need to Storage before spring comes. 2 2 EmeraldCurrency


We were done with the fence by nightfall. The cows will no longer trample the garden beds.


  • Fences are located in the market on page 3 of the "Decorations" tab. Buy and place any 8 of them in any location.
  • The wooden paths are located in front of the tent's door by default. Use the "To Storage" icon on the Tools bar.