A Flock of Sheep
A Flock of Sheep quest
Blue Peaks Valley Quest 3-6
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Blue Peaks Valley
5,000 Coins Coins
150 Experience Experience
3 Emerald Emerald
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A Beautiful Sunset This is the last quest in this series.


A good flock of sheep will quickly eat all the nearby shrubs of grass, so I won't need to mow them myself.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px Buy sheep at the Market to grow a good flock. 4 3 EmeraldCurrency
70px Feed the lambs when they ask for milk. 4 4 EmeraldCurrency
70px Grow a flock of sheep so that they would eat the grass in your area. 4 8 EmeraldCurrency


I now have a small flock of sheep. They will gradually clear my land of grass.


  • Despite what the quest says, it is better to dig the grass instead of letting the sheep eat the grass to clear it. Hard to find worms are obtained by clearing grass so it is better for the player to clear grass themselves than to lose the opportunity to dig up worms.
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